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AI Bots,
automated strategy.

Shape your investment with strategic moves!

Each Bot embodies a unique AI trading strategy to help you invest in your stock. The Bot with the best chance of making money that matches your risk appetite will be recommended.


It will automatically buy and sell your stock within an investment period of your choice to manage risk while targeting returns.

No more gambling in the stock market with your hard earned money -Let AI handle the heavy lifting for you.

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3 types of Bots to get FinFit

with many more to come!

plank bot

Avoid excessive losses

Investors who want to buy and hold, and are willing to accept the most risks but want some guidance to either take profits or stop losses.

  • This Bot fits any stock and will monitor your investment at all times.

  • It automatically sells to take profit or stop loss when reached. It prevents you from losing too much and lock in profit you've earned.

pullup bot

Achieve occasional big win

Investors who want to achieve bigger returns some of the time, but willing to take only limited losses the other times while trying. 

  • This Bot will make money for stocks that are expected to trend up.

  • Buy and sell trades are executed automatically for you to manage risk during the Bot's investment period, which may end early if the profit target is already reached.

squat bot

Achieve frequent small win

Investors who prefer smaller stable returns most of the time, but may lose larger amounts only some of the time.

  • This Bot will make money for stocks that trade within a stable price range.

  • Buy and sell trades are executed automatically for you to manage risk while trying to make money during the entire Bot investment period. 

Smart recommendations, 
for every personality

Our personalised recommendations will fit your investment preferences, risk appetite, needs, personality and a lot more.




Let us get to know you better - your investment preferences and risk appetite!
Asklora knows every day you will feel different and want different types of investment ideas.

Our AI wants to stay engaged with you every day to help you achieve your investment goals.

"Invest by you, for you"

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"Try my Omnisearch"

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Lora Asks

Every trade is different, so we are going to use NLP  technology to understand your needs and preferences before every trade

You will be amazed at how adaptable our chatbot can get be!

Get your investments in shape.
Move your A$S and invest with AI today!

Join Asklora waiting list and get early access, and 3 month free trial worth up to HKD 300 with extra rewards.

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